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Rancho Las Tres Cruces is a family effort, established in 1999 as a breeding and training operation by brothers Salvador, Alejandro and Oscar Alvarado. The Ranch is located in the small town of Santa Cruz Tepexpan, just north of the beautiful city of Toluca in the state of Mexico. The rolling grasslands, surrounded by majestic mountains yet easily accessed via the nearby international Toluca airport, offer the perfect location to breed and develop quality horses.

Las Tres Cruces always has a nice selection of quality jumping horses for sale. Breeding services are available to the wonderful stallions Central Park, Solomon’s Mines and Camelot 7. Services offered at the Ranch cover mares from before conception to the final production of well-trained horses capable of succeeding in international competition. Foals are born, imprinted and taught early on the basics that they will need throughout their entire lives as show jumpers. All three brothers work with the young horses on the ground and teach them the basics of being ridden. Once the horses’ level of training reaches a more advanced stage, Alejandro takes over the riding in order to further their education and best prepare them for the competition arena where Alejandro excels.

Salvador and Alejandro are also both available for coaching away from the Ranch as well. Both have spent extensive amounts of time in the United States assisting international caliber riders such as Ronnie Freeman, Arsia Ardalan, Kyle King, Ray Texel, Michael Endicott, and Michelle Parker. International buying trips are also an option with Salvador, enabling prospective buyers to take advantage of his extensive network of connections in international horse sales and his expertise in recognizing the potential for a young horse to become a superstar.

Some of the successful horses imported by Salvador include Socrates de Midos – a multiple
Grand Prix winner in California competition, Lasilla du Moyon – Grand Prix winner, and Xel Ha – up and coming superstar with multiple grand prix placements at only 8 years of age.



The youngest brother began his riding career at the age of 17 when he came to the United States for a year off from school after graduating high school early. That year turned into a new life goal for Alex. Although he started his riding career late by industry standards, Alex showed a tremendous natural talent for the sport. He is now pursuing his passion with the hope of representing his country in international competition. His ultimate goal would be to compete at the Olympic level on a horse that was bred, raised and trained entirely by Rancho Las Tres Cruces.

Alex also shows a great affinity for coaching other riders of all levels. He excels at spotting the small details that might be creating a big problem for the rider. With some background in dressage Alex also knows all the basics helpful in producing a well-schooled horse in the jumping arena.


Oscar is a true horse person who was trusted with the horse management of one of the most successful and meticulous barns known as Beverly Hills Equestrian Center. Oscar travelled all over Europe and North America as the head manager of the Beverly Hills Equestrian Center’s top string ridden by international caliber rider Ray Texel. For many years Oscar was able to advance his own knowledge of top quality horse care under the watchful eye of Ray Texel. After the dissolution of BHEC, Oscar was ready to head back home to his family in Mexico. This became the perfect opportunity for Rancho Las Tres Cruces to have a top manager in charge of the important details of daily horse care.


As the eldest, Salvador is responsible for steering his younger brothers on their paths. He was the first of the Alvarado family to discover the world of show jumping. It seems to be in the blood though and both Alex and Oscar happily followed down the same path. Salvador frequently travels to Europe on buying trips to import horses to both the U. S. and Mexico. It was on one of these buying trips that Salvador came across Las Tres Cruces’ flagship stallion, Central Park. He was imported as a 3 year old and matured to become a competitive Grand Prix level jumper under Salvador’s watchful eye. With the purchase of land in Mexico, the acquisition of Central Park and several carefully chosen mares, Rancho Las Tres Cruces was born.


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